Американский художник Michael Malm САЙТ


Precious Things


Testing the Waters

Olivia's Roses

Autumn Rest

Crisp Winter Evening

A Mother’s Touch

Simple Gifts

Olivia’s Light

Evening in the Canyon

Passing Time

You Comin

Moments of Appreciation

Canyon Evening

Moments of Appreciation

Soothing Skies

After the Bath

An Afternoon in Avon

Awaiting Spring

Back to the Gentle Stream


Downstream Thoughts

End of the Day

Gentle Breeze

Gentle Stream

Light Bearer

My Little Doll

Olivia’s Red Dress

One Last Look

Quiet Thoughts

Reflective Moments

Signs of Spring

Silver Tea Pot


Soft Winds

Spring Romance

Spring Sunshine

Studio Warmth

Summer Dreams

The Water Carrier

Thinking of Spring


Under a Clear Blue Sky

Wandering Through Avon