Алмаз раскраска

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Как нарисовать бриллиант / мультик раскраска бриллиант для детей / учим цвета

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Раскраска для детей БРИЛЛИАНТ. Мультик - Раскраска. Учим цвета. Учимся, как рисовать раскраску-мультик про ...

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jump it see Grasmick
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Как собирать алмазную мозаику| Мастер-класс для начинающих

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Мастер-класс по алмазной мозаике для тех, кто только начинает ей заниматься :) Наш альбом готовых работ: ...

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Hello everyone! My name is Maria and this is my channel about diamond painting. Recently I've received many questions from people who has just started to work on their first diamond painting So I've decided to make this video where I'll answer all these questions at once So imagine you've bought your first diamond painting kit and you don't know what to do with it Let's get started! There are a canvas, drills and a tool kit Your task is to place drills on the canvas according to scheme printed on it Scheme on the canvas is already covered with glue so you don't have to do it yourself And the glue layer is covered with protective film or paper
Читать далееDon't take all paper off the canvas Оpen just the piece you're going to work on this moment If the canvas is covered with a single piece of paper you can always cut it into several stripes or squares it will be easier to work on your diamond painting And it doesn't matter where you'll begin from It's a matter of taste Someone works from the right to the left so an arm wouldn't stick to the canvas Others prefer to work from the left so an arm wouldn't rub against the drills Now about the drills Each pack of drills contains a number There's color chat printed on the canvas or on a separate piece of paper So you can see there which symbol match the number on the pack So we're opening our first piece of the canvas finding the symbol finding the number that matches this symbol in the chart and finally finding the drills pack with the number Now about the tools I'm sure you'll easily find drill tray in your diamond painting kit They can have different shape, color, size... ...but you'll surely identify it as drills tray Pour some drills into tray Shake it a bit from side to side so the drills would spread along the lines more we shake more drills will roll over on the flat side and that is exactly what we need Now lean the tray a bit so now we've got straight lines of diamonds which are very easy to work with Yep I should warn you that you won't get these lines as simple at first But don't worry it's a matter of practice More important is that most of the drills are now on their flat side Now we can take diamond pen and "sticky" square There's a hole in the tip of the diamond pen and we need to fill it with red sticky mass Unwrapping the square a bit... filling....done ! Now the tip of the diamond pen is sticky so we can take drills with it from tray and put it on the canvas But don't hurry Firstly slightly press on any drill in the tray and watch how much of a 'glue' now is got out Clean these edges by fingers otherwise it'll stick to your diamond painting during the work Done! Now we're taking any drill and move it to the canvas Done! Now let's take the second drill... the third... and so on As you can see it's not that difficult Now we ran out of the symbols with one color So we can return all the drills back to zip-pocket and choose a new symbol to work with And so on until all the canvas is covered with drills Of course you'll have many question during your work So let's cover some problems that you can run into 1. What can you do if your canvas is always rolling up? Answer: Take off most of the paper layer and than stick it back canvas will become straight 2. What can you do if your drills lines are not even? Answer: You can straighten it with any plastic card or metal ruler But actually don't worry! So few of us can brag about even lines in the first diamond painting :-) It'll come with practice 3. What can you do if a drill got into wrong place (wrong symbol) Answer: It depends on glue layer on your canvas There's glue with which you can easily move your drill with diamond pen But sometimes you'll have to remove drill with tweezers or paper knife and put it back on the right place 4. Can you leave you diamond painting without paper cover layer for a long time? Answer: Better not to do it. Yes, if you leave uncovered diamond painting for a night It's not a big deal But several nights like this probably will damage your glue layer And even if glue doesn't dry out it'll gather dust The more dust on your glue the worse stickiness of your canvas for drills So it'll be better not to do your diamond painting next to such dust source as opened window Also it's a good sense to remove cover paper just during the work Finish your work? Put cover paper back! By the way this cover paper also protects your drills from the dust 5. Should you refill the diamond pen? Answer: It's more like top up. When you see that drills don't stick to the pen take your red square and take a pinch of it by the tip of your pen That's it. Now you can work again You don't need to take it all out This red 'glue' can live there for months until it dries out and falls out And if it falls out you'll just refill it One little note! Notice that this red square is surrounded by two little films Don't take them off otherwise the square will become dark from the dust or just dry out And to prevent that I suggest to keep it in zip-lock And don't worry about small size of the square This amount will be enough for diamond painting 50x70 cm 6. Can you work with square drills by 'round' diamond pen? Answer: Yes, this pen can work both with round and square diamonds By the way some tool kits contains not the pen but the tweezers But tweezers are suited just for square drills So diamond pen is much more popular among diamond painting fans But we should admit that tweezers give us more straight lines 7. Can you roll your diamond painting? Answer: Yes, you can, but with the drills outside the roll And you should watch for your cover paper so it won't drag the canvas so it won't be crumpled It will be perfect to roll the canvas on some tube 7. How long will the drills hold on the canvas? Will they fall off? Answer: It depends on diamond painting manufacturer and storage conditions Some diamond paintings are holding on for 5-6 years without single drill dropping but on others drills are falling out in a few months To avoid it you can frame your painting with a glass so the glass will tightly hold the drills Or you can varnish your painting But in both cases your diamond painting won't look as shiny as without any cover So it's a choice between beauty and endurance And I think that's all you need to know for your first diamond painting. Honestly I think that diamond painting is one of the most interesting and exciting hobbies that engages me for a few years now And I will be very happy if this video will help someone to join this wonderful hobby And if you're still doubting I want introduce you to an album of diamond paintings that was made by many members of our community Also I would recommend you to check out playlists on this channel Check out the names of the videos there and you'll see how many staff you can do with this pretty simple hobby So welcome to diamond painting! And that's all for today. Take care!


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Учимся АЛМАЗ ИЗ МАЙНКРАФТА (DIAMONDS/MINECRAFT)PIXEL ART группа в VK : http://vk.com/pchpixel.

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всем всем всем привет ребята вы на канале потому что пиксель с вами андрей и сегодня буду рисовать брильянт из майнкрафта ребята хочу представить вам канал gentoo из вас ждут видео про dekraft рисунки по клеточкам и многое другое канал только начал работать поэтому вас впереди ждут много разных крутых видео лично я уже на него подписался ссылку на канал я оставлю в описании под видео вам понадобится три цвета черный синий и голубой цвет беру и чёрный фломастер и отступая же сразу 6 клеточек в правую
Читать далеесторону раз два три 4 5 шесть закрашиваю их поставим тут одну клеточку идут поставим одну клеточку закрашен теперь 2 клеточки наверх 1 2 с этой стороны 2 клеточки и с этой 1 2 отлично теперь 4 клеточки наверх раз-два-три-четыре из этой раз два три четыре теперь 2 кличке раз два идут 2 клеточки раз два так вот аккуратненько проводим линию так вот теперь тут поставим одну клеточку вы поставили вторую клеточку так вот есть теперь тут поставим еще одну клетку и за этой стороны еще одну клеточку и теперь раз два три четыре 4 клеточки есть отлично ребята теперь я возьму вот этот синий фломастер и поставлю тут вот тут получается поставлю две клетки такой пойдет 1 2 есть теперь тут поставлю одну клеточку всего лишь и три клетки наверх раз два три вот так вот отлично теперь я поставлю тут одну клеточку и тут поставлю раз-два-три отлично теперь тут раз два три четыре 4 клеточки пойдет тут закрашиваю все так вот вот так вот теперь дуб оставил 1 2 3 3 клеточки на не из поста ту поставлю еще одну клеточку и тут поставлю еще одну клеточку отлично ребята теперь я возьму голубой цвет но я не буду вводить пример вот эти вот эти вот клеточки я просто так и поставлю палочку как бы не буду трогать эти белые клеточки вот тут вот теперь тут поста вот так вот тоже чтоб не задевать вот эти 2 клеточки теперь поставлю сверху тут вот 2 клеточки их и поставлю 2 клеточки тут теперь тут поставим 2 клеточки так вот пойдет тут наверх она клеточка и тут вот одна клеточка закрываем их теперь всё это закрашиваем кроме вот этих вот белых клеточек которых я показывал вот ребята посмотрите какой прикольный бриллиант у нас получился посмотрите как он классно выглядеть если он вам ребята нравится ставьте лайки подписывайтесь на канал всем ребята пока и до скорых встреч всем пока

"Алмаз" "Раскраски" "Как нарисовать и раскрасить Алмаз" "Мультик-Раскраска Алмаз"

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«Раскраска АЛМАЗ» – это обучающий мультик для деток, ну и конечно для взрослых. Который дарит малышам хорошее ...

Как нарисовать БРИЛЛИАНТ ПРОСТО для детей, Раскраски для детей

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Привет) В этом видео вы увидите как нарисовать и раскрасить РИЛЛИАНТ цветными карандашами очень просто, ...

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всем привет это канал для тех кто любит рисовать просто рисуем подписывайтесь на канал если вы этого еще не сделали и нажмите на колокольчик так вы будете знать когда выходят новинки 2 а а а а вас да спасибо за просмотр если видео было
Читать далееинтересно комментируйте и ставьте лайки и делитесь с друзьями а также не забудьте подписаться на наш канал и нажать на колокольчик чтобы получать уведомления о новых видео всем пока

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