Фото раскраски котиков

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Как нарисовать КОТЁНКА?

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HowtoDrawaKitten#какнарисоватькотенка#простыерисунки Привет! В этом видео, я покажу тебе как нарисовать миленького ...

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Как нарисовать кошку. Мультик раскраска животные для детей. Раскраски Малышам.

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Как нарисовать КОТЁНКА и СЕРДЕЧКО. Мультик раскраска для детей КОШКА. Учимся рисовать простые рисунки для детей ...

Как нарисовать КОШКУ?

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Это очередное наше видео где мы показываем вам как легко рисовать кошку!) Этот рисунок очень прост, у вас ...


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Hello everyone, you are on the channel Come on Come on today we have a heading drawings from subscribers! And the main star kitty Murka. Under the past video for Murochka you put a huge amount likes. Therefore, today we will enjoy your creativity. Well, let's get started. Oh what a beautiful first drawing, the author picked up very delicate colors. and this my favorite school of cats who by the way did not see necessarily take a look. Do you remember the defense lesson? About the lesson, about the lesson? Tiny makaroshki I'm about homework forgot to do! Who said the sausage?
Читать далееMaybe you drawing? Or someone else, Anh? I did not say. Or maybe all the same said? Not. Okay. Written: stop eating my sausage interesting when Was it my Baby eating? Kid hold the sausage. Yum Yum Yum. Hey where is my piece? Where is he gone? He is at Murka. What, hey petty! Oh, it was just once. True7 Hold Baby. My nya-yum-yum. Hey what are you So twice it was, well who does not happen this same sausage do you understand And here I am so cute, please subscribe to our channel those who are not yet signed. Click on the red button I'll check it out. So I see someone already subscribed - Well done! Why aren't you signed yet? Oh, another thing - well done! And here I wink at everyone who joined our friendly family! Anh well, what are we like? Well, of course straight one muzzle. Oh embarrassed. Oh, and here I am in the rain from the sausage. Oh, here it is, he really existed. It certainly doesn’t rain on me but I can treat you with a piece hold on Oh thank you yum-yum-yum. Anh, come on, if it's raining then 2 pieces? okay, on. Oh thank you, what a wonderful drawing sent to us so maybe three pieces? Murka, not arrogant. okay okay. Anh, in my opinion here again rain Okay, okay - sit down, here you a piece of this rain. oh thanks yum-yum-yum. Anh, what is it? And what is wrong? Well, I think the paws are not similar. Maybe it's so trendy. boots? Very funny. Well, you just confused paws? Well, everything else is cool. Oh well. In my opinion, someone knows about what I think. Anh from where the author of this drawing I learned that often I think about the sausage. Well, Murka does not know ha ha ha. Is it really like me? True, a rainbow font just class! not that word! And here it looks like? Yeah, especially the eyes. Very funny, ha ha ha. Oh, and this cover is on April 1st, Andrei played us there, who didn't necessarily look take a look. See how fashionable I am here. And it is written M. Urka. that means i miss rumble ha ha ha. And this we eat with the Kid, only I do not paws on the table I put. Yeah. What? when did you take it off? Well, Anya! And this is probably a frame from the series about Valentine's Day. Sausage rain to my beloved channel. Anh well sausage rain do you understand Do not even think. Well, the rain is the same. Look into my lovely eyes. I said no. Well, so always. Ok, then I'm here for a bit I'm dreaming. You can only dream look don't fall asleep. Sausage, sausage ... *snore*. Wow, here I am so beautiful just like a real princess. Pick up your face now exactly the princess. hee hee hee Good drawing. ah haha Why are you making a good drawing? switch on come on Where is the sausage Baby? And here she is! Or maybe somewhere here lying around, and I'm just like I do not notice her drawing. So where are all the sausage, who will tell me? Maybe you anh, huh? Wow See how we are alike. Anh how to turn the face? to the left, oh perfect! So here again I have something fashion shoes, anh like think? I think it's more galoshes. than shoes. What? What are galoshes, what kind of stone age shoes? Oh, not at all fashionable. But if you go in them no paw behind the sausage will not get wet. Sausage? I'm on my way. Only while without galosh nya-yum-yum. Oh, cats are warriors! Where is my hot dog? Where is my hot dog? Where is my hot dog? Sausage, sausage Anh? Do you have something delicious for me? Well, at least a tiny piece. I'm tired of something sausages. You just ate, well. okay hold Yum Yum Yum I love the drawings after which they give me sweets. I am queen Murka commanding give me a sausage higher varieties! I obey and obey my mrs. What really worked? Yeah. Oh, and this series is about pirates, where we found the treasure liz-liz-liz oh looks like real. Anh and you have no chance treasure? And then I wink at everyone that would put it video like! Give sausages and sausage everything is in my bowl. Give me you milk I'm very happy! Wow what a cool drawing I'm just mega cool here. Oh, sausage scent-scent is not real! Oh see Murochka as drawing similar to your doll, the author just great. Drawn to the point like my favorite lol figure, I love everything related with lol and drawing turned out just class! Wow, look what a beauty I am hairstyle just drop and they give me a unicorn and a kid so cool. I think I have something similar to yours gift from drawing. And what is it? This is a bunny. Oooh, what happened to him? Pupsenka played a little bit. Well, what do you take as present? Oh, I do not need this hare. In my very similar just this bit bitten. Well take it yourself bunny? An, well you seriously that whether? Can a pupsy refund? And this is me fishing in the summer, Wow, and then she went fishing nicely. Is it possible to fish in a bucket? Of course! With a baby, we always do that! Wow what a similar drawing! it can be used as a photo for your passport. ha ha ha An you think you can and i have such a shiny suit to sew? And what looks cool! And here is a little note from Tiny and a slice of sausage he and the truth sometimes leaves me such gifts and shares with me sausage, and I love sausage. This is my dream about yummy! Oh Maybe I dream? I want at least a small piece. Well, if the dream hold then. yum-yum-yum taste. What if it works once more! I really want another piece. Well, keep it up. Om-Nom-nom thank you, I knew that dreams come true. And then I think before bed a little about the sausage. You want her to you had a dream? Well, yes or large sausages trees or sausage rain mmm yummy! Oh, and this drawing is very look like you .. And this is me in strawberries. So, it turns out you Murochka and you caught a fish in this rainbow sea. The sea from a rainbow about such I have not heard. Oh, and here I have two paws cool wait what? two paws at a cat ?! I would have collapsed and all the time would lay but for that I would be able to do everything time to dream of a sausage. Ah-ha murochka as always. Well, in general, drawing me liked it very much on me. Maybe then we will go to the next? yes Annie come on. This is me with Baby, only something i'm plump. Oh sausage go to me. So how do you take off, can paw? Tiny makaroshki again caught and looks like the real one. Murka do not worry I have juicy for you a piece of sausage, here you go. yum yum thanks. Well, what is it like? Yes, only toys are missing. Oh and does avocado fit? well, it's soft, but if you want let's change it. oh Santa Claus, is better now and is there anything Do you have a teddy stuff, and not a bit? Yes, there is. Again this hare? How can? haha more will not. Oh, how cool, you can me a butterfly? Yes. mmm beauty! And we went to a picnic. The author knows exactly what dreams are ours Murke, although it seems to me it was easy to guess considering how often she is thinks about the sausage. Murochka left a couple of pictures and that's it, let's get to it. 2 more minutes and get up chhr And we had this challenge where I got the title of stuntman channel. Took first place and taught Baby climb on our attic. Well let's move on to last for today pattern. do not forget to press subscribe to the button. Guys I really liked your drawings if you want continue let's gather 50 thousand likes and right corner choose with whom it is will be. Also do not forget to press on the bell. And today we are with Murka goodbye to you all bye and see you soon.


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КОТ МАЛЫШ и РИСУНКИ ОТ ПОДПИСЧИКОВ! СМЕШНОЙ КОТ МАЛЫШ и кролик Баффи это Леди Баф и Супер кот.

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Hello, you on the channel Come on Come on! And today we have a guest Kid and heading figures from subscribers. Well as a heading, this is the first such a video. Let's watch already! Haha, the baby is already impatient See how you paint it. I selected the drawings from our group in VK. Well, we will not pull, let's go! Oh, it's me - in cool glasses. And this is that question A, this is just a cursor. What can I say, Murka, too with glasses, So we're cool! The figure is signed and signed, the team is cool. Well, I say - cool we point And this is what we are there behind the frame type for the feet are we holding?
Читать далееor This is the mulch in my sausage trying to quietly take away? Well, we do not know. Well, in general, I like this figure. I switched to another one. Ah, well, it's my furry hairstyle. Good drawing, like would. Only this spot on the cheek I do not have. But in general it is interesting to me like! Look Baby, it's you writing on New Year's letter Father Frost and probably ask for a sausage garland. Oh, yes, I remember, it was such. Well and here with such blue background still. That she stopped moving? Oh, again the cursor. Well, I say, it's clear that the author tried, But I hope in my life I do not have this big head and not that a thin tail. It's just a camera angle. Or the style of drawing. Well yes. Oh, and this is me with a pillow, in his favorite position. I will show you now. So I sit down like this, and then on the barrel, I spit! And that's all. Only the pillows are not enough. Oh, oh, look at this. Straight with Buffy from plasticine are molded. That's beauty of course. Buffuha, you're green here! She's probably in style Fiona from Shrek. Well, of course the author Well done. I would say creative so approached the question! Kid, in the following figure you, too, with Buffy. Show me! Oh, this, you can have a monitor here to turn away? And what is it to turn away? Now you will fill me up here all! Well, An, Well, that's it, Switch Come on! And what are you doing here? And what is this beautiful towel on the table does? Hi baby. Hey. What is it? picture from the subscriber. Ah, well, I'll go. Really very beautiful drawing. Thank you so much! Oh, it's Lady Baph and super-cat. Beauty! Buffy, I'll make you cool later. picture show. And this is me! With a heart! Probably, I think to ask Subscribers like. Just look at the those sad eyes! Where can I click here? Anh, where to click? Wow, what a crown I have. It's not a crown, it's freezing sight. Written "Ice". Ah, this video is about costumes superfamily for lol figures. oh, a hint for those who did not watch. And until I forgot, I wanted you to tell. You are the best subscribers in the world! I love every one of you, Honestly with honestly! Look how many hearts there are! And I, in the hearts. Oh, it means that I love all your family, class! Typical Murka. Does this type of smile forever? And I? And I'm always kind of sad whether? Ha-ha-ha! Well, that's quite another matter! I'm not so often sad. I know how to smile, that's it! And this I'm rooting for Russia on the World Cup. This is when they reached the quarter finals! Oh, sorry that did not win. And then Lady Baph and super-cat in the form of ponies. In my opinion They look great together. What is it? I did not understand what kind of kitten I wash? And why did I blush so? Is this my kittens? Does the type? Well, yes, the cat Kid in the role of the pope, In my opinion it looks very nice. Oh well I do not know! It's too early to think about it yet. And how do you Murochka in the role Mom? Is it a murch? What do you mean? She's like a sister to me! So, Switch. Come on. And this I, ate. Therefore, the face is a pancake. Click on the bell channel Come on, come on. Liza's a cat. And Lisa says it, click until they forgot. Anh, well, here it is, here we are with Murkoy. Leaf further, nothing interesting. And what, how? I do not see! Well, there is a very beautiful drawing, but I will not show you. Why? Because I like it! Well show, we are interested. Well, look! Just do not show it. Oh, what a cute. I really love it when you are friendly! You know, it's just like when you they were kittens. Yeah, Lady Baf and super-cat which is similar to a wolf, and they are under the moon, and they have love. wonderful drawing! Where is my fish? Yes, Anh, where's my fish? I'm already hungry. Well, fish No, there's sausage, will suit? Oh, still as it approaches! Hello, I'm Baby, And how are you? Call - write. And the truth, Write Like you really call. Well, here I'm not very similar to myself. Coloring wool in my opinion does not coincide at all. Although signed Baby. Maybe it's another kid? Oh, Well, I'll tell you everything. The coloring is direct mine! And paw! Great! My. Well, in general, everything, enough to look, leaf through further. Hold the Kid. Oh, milk, Wow! And what is it that you decided to give me? I do not even know how you'll refuse such eyes. Whose eyes? Yours, my furry fluffy. Baby, do not shine like a car. headlights. Last one time. Bip. All. yes this is a sausage airplane. It would be real. I was flying high on it high, but not long. Because Murka is fast would ate me the floor of the cabin. And then I would be hungry. haha. Oh, you father, Wow! It's someone who drew a 3D pen Lol Baby. Well, in general it's very similar happened. And it's not you, An, My figure sfotkala? Oh, what a sweetheart! And a good face such! Come on Come on, Baby. Thank you so much! And here I look like, right? You closed the picture, nothing can not see. Aha, I understand. And like this? Now you can not see. Oh, come on, it's like true? True. Very nice drawing and very beautiful you. Well, do not be embarrassed! Let's go further! This homemade anti-stress! I! Have you ever seen this miracle? Oh, well, I'm straight some Predator. Strong such. Not no, it's not me point And if sausage? Sausage? Yum Yum Yum. Well, the sausage hunter. Who, I, Oh, what are you! Well, what, one person. More precisely face. Rpr ... ha ha. Oh, here I am. Looks like it's true? Super Cat and Lady Buff and Background so beautiful. Well, it's straight. nothing to add. Beauty. And here, Murka again begging I have sausage. And I love her. And how always share. Well, it's like in life, that's that. Small! Look, Baby, it's you in suits of superheroes. Very cool last drawing. Hey, In the last sense, Stop! Well, please, come on we will see! Well, I liked it so much! Well Anyut. Guys, if you like Such a video format, it is mandatory Write about it in the comments. And if you want a sequel, then write with whom to look at the drawings. Well and give so if it is the video will score 20,000 likes, then there will be a sequel. But no, so no! Well, she's everything today, everyone until And to see you soon!

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