Принцесса селестия раскраска

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Принцесса Селестия ❤️ Май Литл Пони. Полимерная глина мастер класс My Little Pony princess Celestia

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В этом мастер классе я покажу как сделать (лепить) из полимерной глины пони принцессу Селестию (princess Celestia) из ...

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welcome all on my channel My name is Irina Ivanitskaya and in this tutorial I will show how to make a princess Celestia from the cartoon My Little Pony you need to work the clay of colors instruments white clay forming head. Make a ball and pull the nose raising the nose up and smoothing all the irregularities making body. One part of making narrow. The narrow part of the lift up. This will be the neck cut off the excess make the same four balls. We form one leg These are the feet should turn out glue the legs to the torso
Читать далееglue your feet on Fimo gel on the back foot bend do toothpick smooth all joints and irregularities select all the bends needle draw the eye. Do the recess for the pupil paste it purple Grougi glue black pupil glue two flare. First, a large oval, then a small round. cut into thin bundle of black clay. glue stripes on the eyes one strip on top, and the second strip from the bottom. Cut off the excess. three cilia glue on the edge of the eye the second eye does not do. glue the head to the body. toothpick smoothing all the irregularities well stick your head to the neck the head should look down We do triangular ear glue ears on the head. Toothpick smooth all joints on the side pasting yellow circle We do droplets of orange clay. Eight pieces. The tips of curls glue beams. You should get the sun. yellow clay is rolled out into a thin layer cut out the patterns for the feet should have four pattern pasting pattern to the edge of the legs cut off the excess needle smoothing all the irregularities of gold making clay necklace. pinstripe makes the island from both sides. Bend the strip in the middle glue necklace around his neck glue on purple diamond necklace. white clay do two wings. Needle paint pens I pasting the wings to the body to Fimo gel to fix the anchoring tail piece toothpicks. form a horn made of white clay. Twist the clay to get the texture. Bake horn figure and 15 minutes at 110 degrees make a bang of green clay. Glue a bang on the head. makemane form a sausage made of green clay, two shades of blue and pink clay Putting together sausages. attach a wave on his mane. measure the size of the mane on the figure The green bar should be wider than all. upper blue curl should be shorter than all. glue mane to head in Fimo gel Green glue to the level of bangs The upper blue glue a little above the head from light blue curl do. Tighten it. glue curl to your head. cut off the excess, to smooth out all the bumps make a tail. In the same way as did the mane. Pink strip should be wider and longer collect all the strips together forming wave anchoring the tail on a toothpick cut out from a gold crown clay In the center of the crown glue purple diamond Glue the crown on his head I pasting horn on Fimo gel sequins or pearl cover with mane and tail Figure 25 minute bake at 110 degrees Draw a point of white acrylic paint. It will be flashing. Figurine Princess Celestia is ready! Write in what you like ponies comments! Thank you for watching! put Like and subscribe to my channel!

№56✅ Раскраска пони принцесса Селестия. Раскраска Май Литл пони. МЛП Мультик мой маленький пони 💥👑

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#млп #майлитлпони #раскраскапони #понираскраска #speedpaint #мультики #раскраски #длядетей #детскийканал ...

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ừ ừ ừ ừ à à ừ ừ
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#ДружбаЭтоЧудо #РаскраскиДляДетей Мой маленький пони Раскраска Принцесса Селестия

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Дружба Это Чудо Раскраски Для Детей Мой маленький пони Раскраска Принцесса Селестия Спасибо, что смотрите мое ...

Колыбельная для принцессы Луны MLP (видео не моё) 🌑🌙

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http://vk.com/club101881125 welcome заходите в гости.

My little pony|Раскраска для детей. Как раскрасить Принцессу Селестию

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Добро пожаловать на канал Dily Kids !!! Welcome to the channel Dily Kids !!!

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