Радуга раскраски для девочек

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Видео по теме: Радуга раскраски для девочек

Как нарисовать РАДУГУ / мультик раскраска РАДУГА для детей /Раскраски Малышам

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Как нарисовать РАДУГУ. Мультик раскраска для детей РАДУГА. Учимся рисовать простые рисунки для детей.

Как нарисовать Радугу | Раскраска для детей | Учим цвета !!!!

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Учимся рисовать радугу и учим цвета радуги!!!!

Как нарисовать ЦВЕТОК РАДУГУ / мультик раскраска РАДУГА ЦВЕТОК для детей / Раскраски Малышам

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Как нарисовать РАДУГУ ЦВЕТОК. Мультик раскраска для детей ЦВЕТОК РАДУГА. Учимся рисовать простые рисунки для ...

РАДУГА | Из трёх цветов| Как делать плавные переходы| Рисование для детей и взрослых

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рисуемрадугу #артклякса #какнарисоватьрадугу Друзья, привет! Сегодня я покажу Вам, как нарисовать радугу просто и ...

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Hey, GUYS! A standart set for drawing is in front of you. This is glass with water, big flat brush number 10, palette with 4 paints." Sometimes I have a black paint, but not today." "White, yellow, red, blue." It is basic colour paint and you can paint any picture with these colours. "You may take a paper, I decided to take a canvas. It is a primed fibreboard. I thought there is our inscription ""Art. klyaksa"", but not." "You may take any fibreboard, paint acrylic paint." This will be a primed wooden canvas. It is very comfortable for video. And I take napkins too I damp brush into the water. Today we drew a rainbow. It will be the most educational video. I take blue paint on a tip brush and I separate a rainbow`s corner.
Читать далее"It will be the rainbow, but this will be the sky." I want more sky. I take blue paint and I paint out the sky. First I draw blue paint. I want more blue paint. Then I pick up white paint and I start to add white paint to blue paint for the bright sky on this left side and the sky will be more light on the down right side. There is a grind between while and blue. I am painting smoothly horizontally and the paints are mixing between themselves. Here we may add white paint. The background is ready. I wash away the brush Just we are doing. There will be on this side more light and on this side will be more dark. Then the sky will be more interesting. The sky isn`t never a monochromatic blue. It is more bright and light up and down the calmer sky. "Look, We have 3 colours." Today I want to show 2 very important advances. First How do you mix all needs hues with 3 base paints. "However, the yellow, blue and red doesn`t mix, but I can mix all hues with base colours. and while paint." How do I do a jerk-free transition between them? 3 base colours are here. All colors are mixing base colours. The rainbow stars with red colour. I have a bright pink. It shows very badly in the video. I took more chicle colours. Their colours will be very good to mix and give good hues. "I recommend taking a bright blue, pink and yellow." We can draw all the pictures. "But We will take red, blue and yellow colours, we get good pictures too." First layer I am painting out the pink colour. The rainbow edge will be precise. I spare paints never. Always I take paint more thickly and I friction very well. This edge won`t be precise. ,Paint ends on my brush and I friction down. Now We see pink colour. Then we don't take the orange colour. I wash away and wipe the brush. Take yellow and I am painting a line near. This line will be an uneven edge. "I am painting a clean yellow, then I take a clean blue." Look, this is 3 colours, which is a base in the rainbow." "Than I use magic. I wash away, remove paint and water." And We friction between yellow and pink. I friction up than down. "We reach middle yellow, then middle pink." I give up on ending that line's orange colour. "I wash away, then my acrylic paint is dry, I do past step one more time." I spare the yellow colour. We take a line more thick. "The yellow colour is very light, because I take the yellow and I add on blue and I friction it." "The yellow colour combined with blue, we have a green colour" ". I added a little yellow paint, but we didn`t paint it yellow." Because we may do dirty colours. "I get a green colour in the middle, but I want a cool gradient between yellow and green." "I wash away, remove paint and water with my brush and I make a smooth transition. I can do it with a flat wet brush." I friction between yellow and green colours. Supper. "Look, I get the blue colour." Next I have a dark blue. The rainbow has 2 same colours. "If blue is near to green, this colour will be little green - blue." "If blue is near viollet, this colour will be dark blue. I continue to add the bright blue. You said How do you get violent?" ,The rainbow is a colour`s circle. "If the blue colour adds to pink, we get violet colour." I add the pink colour down to blue colour. I get a cool violet colour. ,My pink and blue colors add chicle history. I want my rainbow will finish smoothly. I take smooth transitions. I wash away my brush and I friction between blue and violet. It is rainbow with smooth transitions between colors. We with your children may try a smooth transition. I want there to be a green color. I want to see what the color mixed with other colours. I would like my pink colour stars more smoothly. We have the illegible rainbow. It is in nature. I wash away, remove paint and water with my brush." I friction tip wet brush. I do the past step again with violet colour. This rainbow may be. I want to add a cloud. Look I take a white paint and I am painting in a down circle or litter c. I friction little violet that my cloud won`t be clean. I have an uneven cloud. Children can draw it too. It will be very educational for children and adults. I make a cloud smoothly. Second cloud will be excess. ,We will make one cloud with translucent twirls. I make a volume smear. Acrylic paint will be volume. I leave this cloud in the foreground. I want to make magic again because my rainbow won`t be boring. ,The white paint can add a magic effect. "I take water and white paint, and I mix it. We get liquid paint." I spritz on the rainbow. "May, it is a rainbow and snow." "When our picture will be dry, we can write motivating words" Be like a rainbow.Be like a rainbow. Have a nice day.

Как нарисовать ЦВЕТОК РАДУГУ / Раскраска РАДУГА ЦВЕТОК для детей / Раскраски Малышам

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Как нарисовать БАБОЧКУ. Мультик раскраска для детей БАБОЧКА. Учимся рисовать простые рисунки для детей.

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