Раскраска артиллерия

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Как нарисовать Военную технику РСЗО Смерч

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Научитесь Как нарисовать армейский грузовик с ракетной установкой. Нарисовать военную технику легко. Покажу Как ...

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so so so so so so do john check oh um so so so
Читать далееdo well do you

Как нарисовать Катюшу | Рисунки для срисовки

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Научитесь Как нарисовать Катюшу . Нарисовать катюшу легко . В этом видео вы увидите как нарисовать катюшу поэтапно .

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so so merch two john oh two oh oh bye so so so so
Читать далееso you

Военная техника для детей. Военный транспорт.

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В этом ролике мы расскажем про виды военного вооружения. Расскажем чем они отличаются друг от друга и для каких ...

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tank A tank is an armored vehicle with high cross-country capability on which a tower with a gun is installed. This tower can rotate in different directions as well as rise and fall. A tank is a formidable weapon that fires projectiles of different calibers. he tank can drive on any off-road and even the walls are not an obstacle for him and his shots he easily destroys not large buildings. infantry fighting vehicle The main task of this armored vehicle is fire support and transportation of infantry. These machines are equipped with tracks or large wheels for greater cross-country. Depending on the tasks, it is installed launchers, guns and machine guns. This car can carry eight people. self-propelled artillery installation This is a huge gun mounted on a tracked chassis. Designed for fire support of tanks.
Читать далееIt has a passability like a tank, but the weapons are much more powerful. She keeps a fire from deep in the rear without guidance and adjustment and then leaves. By the time the enemy determines the location of the installation, it will no longer be there. armored carrier The APC is designed to transport personnel, motorized rifle and amphibious units to the place of execution of tasks and evacuation of the wounded. BTR very passable car because it has eight wheels and they are all leading. In service is a large-caliber machine gun. The APC carries ten people. electronic warfare complex Such a complex carries out the effect of radio interference on the electronic weapons systems of the enemy. It can blind and disable navigation equipment. And even change the trajectory of the rocket. The complex also protects its troops from similar impacts. Such a complex plays a crucial role in ensuring high combat effectiveness. antiaircraft missile system Anti-aircraft missile system is designed to destroy missiles, aircraft and helicopters of the enemy. Such a complex independently detects and recognizes air targets. Determines their state affiliation, and if necessary accompanies and destroys the target. multiple launch rocket system This is a whole complex of weapons including a launcher, rockets, transport vehicle. The main task of this complex is to fight against tank groups. Such systems can be installed on wheeled and tracked chassis. Also on planes, helicopters and ships.

Мультик - Раскраска. Учим Цвета - Военная техника: бронетранспортер, танк, катер

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Развивающие мультики "Раскраска. Учим цвета" для самых маленьких зрителей. В этой серии малыши увидят ...

Как нарисовать Град | Ахадов Эльнур

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Научитесь Как нарисовать Военную технику Град. Нарисовать военную машину Урал легко. Покажу Как нарисовать РСЗО ...

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thank you questions foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign
Читать далееforeign thank you foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign thank you foreign

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