Раскраска бассейн

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Как нарисовать бассейн | Раскраски детей HD | Рисование и окраска | Рисование для детей.

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Как нарисовать бассейн | Раскраски детей HD | Рисование и окраска | Рисование для детей. Лучший канал Learn на ...

Малышарики - Русалочка - Раскраска для девочек и мальчиков

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Раскраска для малышей вместе с Малышариками. Учим цвета: розовый, зеленый, желтый , сиреневый. Новый обучающий ...

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1 смолы шарик добрый вечер девочки очень красиво и настоящая принцесса розовый фиолетовый зеленый оранжевый а ты разве не хочешь побыть русалочкой кто это русалочка это такая принцесса которая живет в воде и еще не совсем так тебе не достать русалочки на сокровища теперь нюшенька настоящие 130 сокровища базовый тёмно серый голубой зеленый сколько блестящих сокровищ у наших хотя нет не
Читать далеезолотая какие теперь чистые наши девочки прямо сверкает как настоящие сокровища подпишись на канал и смотри новые серии

Многоразовая раскраска / Поспик

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Вы еще будете шоке потому что я буду делать плотная а сказка вы такие что угодно раскраска там неинтересно фига себе ...

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вы еще будете шоке потому что я буду делать плотная а сказка вы такие что угодно раскраска там неинтересно фига себе сама раскраска если честно тут уже видно что просвечивается вот эту штучку мы наполним водой да да обычный водой открываем раскраску фломастер в деле об единорожка это волшебство оказалось принцессочка . чуть поплыла но не будем о создать с кем не бывало этот рассказ как печатать на этой ладно место того чтобы скрывать каждый по одному
Читать далеепочему там просто не намочить эту раскраску на типа почему нет если я это могу скрасил раскраску за один раз каково это живется когда ты читер просто быстро раскрашиваю раскраски если так как будет а просто была картинка через 35 минут написано высохнет с таким количеством воды сомневаюсь канеширо на высохнет а ты не забудь подписатся и поставить лайк на следующий день она высохла в


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Смотри наши последние видеоролики: ▻ ПОДЖИГАЕМ 1000 БЕНГАЛЬСКИХ ОГНЕЙ ПОД ВОДОЙ!

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Come on! Subscribed! Another person has subscribed, look! 635,000! 13,635,663. This is the exact number of subscribers on our channel right now. We need 65,000 more people to make another large-scale video. We're constantly watching you subscribe. So constantly, that I'm watching the number even when I'm not wearing the coat. So subscribe to see our next large-scale video sooner. Meanwhile, I'm gonna make some coffee, put the coat on and we'll move on to the experiment! We're holding paint in our hands. There's a water tank as well. I suggest we should combine these things. Oh, what a smell! And in the end, we have a hydro dipping. Using this thing, you can transfer the image to any object.
Читать далееA lot of people used this thing to paint everything they wanted, but I've never seen someone to use it to paint a painting! It makes sense. To paint a painting, you know... So I suggest we should try to transfer this abstract drawing, what the hell is this? - It's art, actually. - It's surrealism. - It's messed up fried eggs. Let's see if we can transfer this drawing to this painting. We have never done this, just so you know. O-o-oh! Is this how you do it? - Not bad, not bad. - Now we won't gonna buy any paintings. I've seen a painting like this on an art exhibition, no joke. I don't know, they can cost $4000, or even more. Also, I found out that using this hydro dipping, you can get tattoos. Another question: I've seen a lot of such and such prints like this one, but they always drew some abstract art. Well, something like this. But they've never tried to draw a picture on the water and transfer it to a painting. How about we try right now? Can we draw something specific? Let's draw a bycicle. We apply the ground layer on the water, and now we'll try to draw the painting. Okay, basically, it looks like a bicycle. So, it seems that apparently, using this you can paint even real drawings. You just need to apply a ground layer. Bravo! A little more practice, and I think we can draw paintings using hydro dipping. But today's video is not about us drawing paintings. That'd be boring! You know us for doing something large-scale all the time. That's why we're gonna try to hydro dip various objects: a person, a car, and, for example, a bicycle, why not? Ooh, a bicycle! But will we manage to do it? It's unclear yet. But we're gonna find this out during our next experiment. (Bicycle) For the next hydro dipping, we're gonna need something larger that a tank, a pool 8 feet in diameter, because now we're gonna hydro dip a bicycle in it. No one has ever done hydro dipping on such a scale, and it's not even the final result we're trying to achieve. So be sure to leave a like. I'm serious, guys. I've watched a lot of videos on the internet, they always do it in some small fish tanks, and we're gonna do it in a pool. And this is the little pool, in comparison to the one we've prepared for later. Stepa is right. - Are you ready? - Yes! Dip it! We have a contact. Looks like it's dissolving. Damn, it looks beautiful, for real. - It went fully in. - Come here, come here. Maybe we won't have to paint it on the other side. Let's get it up. Come on, come on, come on. - Nice! Wow! - Get it up, get it up. It turned out a bit girlish. We painted the chain too. Have you ever seen a painted bicycle chain? Now there's a chance it won't work now. Okay, let's put the wheels back. Okay, now let's try to ride it to see if it works. Well, guys, it works, it's still functional, despite the fact that its chain is very complicated. It's so weird, the bicycle works! Wow! (Hydro dipping a person) I'm the most fashionable guy here. As you may guess, the next object that we're gonna dip... ...is Egor! During this experiment, we're gonna try to find out if it's possible to hydro dip paint the clothes. You bought it yourself. I mean it's alright. Okay, so, guys, Egor is fully prepared, but the pool is not ready yet, so we're gonna let Egor lie down for a while, and we're gonna spray paint the pool. So, 2 yellow cans, 2 green cans, and 2 red cans. - Red! - Yellow! - Green! - So, let's get Egor in now. - Let's put him in. - Egor! Are you ready to fly? - Yes, I'm ready. Let's get him up, guys. One, two, three. Let's put him in. One, two, three! - You're not very good at pulling. - Add another guy. One, two, three. Egor, get out! Egor, get out! Show us. I knew you're gonna set me up. Give me my money, I'm leaving. I observed the situation unfolding: I've started pulling the rope. Maxim helped you. The rope broke and I was like: "Okay, Egor is screwed!" I'm shocked, guys. I thought you're gonna dip me gently, and all of a sudden, I'm underwater. Take #2. So, let's do it little by little, put him in. Keep your arms higher. Yeah, that's right. Slower. Egor! Get ready for a dip. He's going down very, very slowly, and it's getting colder and colder for him. What are you saying? What? Wow! Look at that, no way! This looks really cool. Yeah, yeah. - So beautiful! - Wow. Egor, that was worth it, I'm telling you. Wow, you look so handsome. So fashionable, so trendy. The water is really cold, only your likes can warm me up. Well, I think it went pretty great. We're creating our own style, and I really like that style. Damn. (Medicine balls) Next objects that we're gonna hydro dip is these balls, medicine balls. We're gonna apply a thick layer of paint on that pool's surface, and throw a lot of these balls there right away. So, previously we dipped the objects very slowly plunging them into the water little by little to let the paint grip, and now we'll just throw them. Whether it'll work or not, or we're gonna screw this up... We're not really sure yet. I am really curious what if we apply the paint underwater? So, we're gonna do this the usual way. Our pool is ready! Now let's throw the medicine balls right in. One, two, three! Where's the paint? So, let's see how it turned out. The first ball is painted as if... Well, kinda bad. It looks like a beaten bowling ball. So if you throw objects in the paint, it won't work. I mean our lawn is painted better than the balls. And we're moving on to the next experiment. The Extra Experiment section. Previously, we always dipped objects in the paint itself. - But what if we throw the paint into the wall? - I'll go like this... What if it blew up? Can we manage to draw a graffiti? We've been searching for this kind of fence in Russia, and found it in Kishinev. - Great. - Is that it? One, two, three. - Great, we can't draw graffiti this way. - No way. It turns out it was a bad idea. Oh, look! Here, we have a little bit of graffiti. So, in order to create this little piece of graffiti, you just need: 4 spray paint cans, one tub, and a drop of water. But in slow-mo, you can see, that it wasn't our fault, we threw it properly, the paint itself didn't stick to the wall, it didn't grip. It's not our fault, it's the paint. If we get 200,000 likes under this video, we're gonna do another Extra Experiment in our next video. And right now, in 7 seconds, we're gonna move on to the main experiment, you can use this time to leave a like. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! That's it! If you did it, you did it. And now let's move on to the main experiment. (Car) And now we're moving on to the largest object we have. And we need the biggest pool we have for this. Wow! Hydro dipping All the objects that we used in this experiment were white. Our car is absolutely white, but it has windows, and we covered them with duct tape. But in order to paint our car we need to turn it upside down, and we can do it only with the help of lift trucks. Bring in the lift trucks! Now we need to turn the car upside down. Come on, a bit more. So... So, guys, it's time for the fun part. Right now we're gonna paint the water. It's gonna be the most large-scale hydro dipping in the world! Just so you know the scale, look at the number of people filling this pool with paint. - So, are you all ready? - Yes! - One, two, three. As you can see, guys, we had a spare can, and one of the guys took it, and it almost screwed up the whole experiment, because the paint wasn't applied to water properly, because they have different composition. Just so you know, there was the proper paint. And there, the guys screwed up and used the wrong paint. A briefing for the drivers: you should do it as slowly and gently as possible. So, now it's time for the final stage, when we're gonna hydro dip this car. And as you can see, we have 2 lift trucks here. It's not because one lift truck can't handle one car. If we just dip the car in, there's a chance that the print will be applied unevenly or break. Our task is to do it this way. Imagine this is the car. We turn it on its side and we slowly turn it like this, to paint all the edges, the sides, as evenly as possible. I can't wait to see the car painted. Because if you look at Egor, the pattern was amazing, and here we're doing almost the same thing. - It's about to begin! - Yay! One, two, three! - Crap. Let's do it again. - It floats like a bobber. Because the paint is not gripping, it's in pieces, it's broken, and there's no hydro dipping. Let's try it this way. Come on, move. - Come here. - Guys! We need more people! Guys, more! Come on! There's some pattern. It looks nice. So, let's say you can actually hydro dip a car, but I'm not sure if you can drive it after that. Just so you know, the back window was broken by the pressure. Of course, it's more difficult than it may seem, to hydro dip a car. You can't imagine how tired we got by trying to do it. This car was painted by our efforts. And we worked so hard to do it, so it'll be fair if we get something in return, a lot of likes, for example. Higher, higher, higher! We did it! We haven't wasted a drop of paint. That's it, and the final touch to this painting is to rip off the masking tape from the windows, and we can drive it. This is the hydro dipping we hoped for. Exactly the same patter as we drew before. Actually, we painted a lot of things today, and I think it worked out pretty great. I don't know where else you can see something like this. This is awesome. I hope you enjoyed it too. And you left a like and subscribed. That's it for this video, thank you for watching, good luck and goodbye!

Монстер Траки и Цветные Бассейны / Изучаем Цвета / Мультик про Машинки для Малышей / Волшебство ТВ

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Обучающие мультфильмы для детей - Монстер Траки и Цветные Бассейны. Изучаем Цвета. Мультфильмы про Машинки ...

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волшебство 2 представляет там красный желтый зеленый senit и ответом красный желтый зеленый сильный и а летом света красный
Читать далее1 сильный 2 зеленый желтый 4 а раньше 5 и аметова сейф роза 7 они коричневы 8 белый я 9 черный а здесь синий круг красный квадрат желтый orval оранжевый прямоугольник фиолетовый пятиугольные а проза шестиугольник зеленый треугольник 1 2 а потом тырин 4 5 j вот 7 8 9 получил есть а красный 1 оранжево-желтыми зеленый щиты свини 5 фиолетовый 6 розов 7 коричный 8 белых деве черному есть привет друзья смотрите как весело играет мяч машинки ой похоже что-то упало это фигура крест для того чтобы грузовичок макс попал домой нужно вставить правильную фигурку треугольник не подходит круг нет не подходит квадро ура подходе а вот маленькая машинка похоже ей тоже нужно помочь выбрать правильную фигуру прямоугольник нет не подходит сердце тоже не подходит о звезда ура подходит это теперь машинка сможет уехать домой на паровозе пока машинка до новых встреч

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