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Раскраска с Генералом Шером 🌈 Учимся с Лунтиком 🌈 Новая серия

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Генерал Шер всегда важный и серьёзный, и он очень любит пить чай с бабулиными пирожками! Маша раскрашивает ...

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Как нарисовать Генерала Шера! Раскраска Шер! Лунтик! | How to Draw General Sher | General Sher

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Поставь лайк ❤ и прокомментируй видео Давайте знакомиться: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ3QUq4_YfY ...

Причина отказа Путина принять участие в итоговой пресс конференции. Транзит

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bitcoin: bc1qfqm5rzcxgwjz7p6wc5qhz5a4f7wdg9nw69sfnc Ethereum: 0xa507126544c9f41a798dA40a5401d5E13369a048 ...

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Good afternoon, dear subscribers and guests of the channel. Today I am with you, one of the authors of the telegram channel, General SVR, Lieutenant General of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the person you know as Viktor Mikhailovich. Today we have December 12, Monday, we are holding an interim release. We are working in a new format. I hope you enjoy our new format. Let me remind you that we hold interim issues from Monday to Thursday with the results of the past day, on Friday we have Answers to Questions and, of course, on Sunday - Results of the week with Sergey Zhirnov. If you support our new format, like this video, write comments, we will definitely read it. I hope you support us. We begin. Today, the first topic we have is quite extensive: the press secretary of the President of Russia, Peskov, announced that Putin will not hold an extensive press conference and there will be no “Direct Line” with the President, whatever it is called, there will be no traditional large communication with the press. Why Putin canceled the press conference today, I think many of you know, because they read our main telegram channel General SVR. We told today that Putin had a proctological operation over the weekend, doctors recommend him not to sit in one place for a long time for some time. Do not stay too long, of course, not in the presidential post, but in the physical sense: do not sit and do not stand in one place for a long time in order to avoid undesirable consequences. This is what made Putin, specifically today, abruptly cancel the press conference. A large press conference, as well as a "Direct Line" with the president, means at least 3.5-4 hours of being in one place. It is clear that after a proctological operation, it will be problematic for Putin to sit out for 3.5-4 hours and there is a big chance to get negative health consequences, which is why Putin canceled everything. Now Putin is thinking about a possible date for the "Message to the Federal Assembly." In principle, Putin already feels quite well, he walks around. The only thing that limits him is the recommendations of doctors not to sit for a long time and not to stand for a long time. If the “Direct Line” and the press conference imply a long time interval for Putin’s involvement, then during the “Message to the Federal Assembly”, he can finish in 40 minutes, in extreme cases, stretch it for 1 hour. There is, apparently, nothing to worry about, especially if this happens closer to the New Year. Well, Putin will stand for 30-40 min., he will tell, and everything will be fine. People who belong to Putin's close circle of friends literally force him to deliver the "Message to the Federal Assembly", they say: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, NECESSARY!". After all, the “Message to the Federal Assembly” is an appeal, first of all, to the elites. Vladimir Putin's inner circle understands that the elites are now drivers of major trends. Elites are the motor of trends. If there is no "Message to the Federal Assembly", the dissatisfaction of the elites will cause certain actions next year. Let me remind you that the main part of the elite are representatives of the power bloc. And these representatives, or at least those people who consider themselves as such, are the people who are used to living in the system. Putin, on the one hand, built the system, and on the other hand, Putin broke the constitution. He broke and edited the constitution, I'll tell you that 90% of law enforcement officers are extremely negative about the changes that Putin made to the constitution. Most of these people are formalists. Putin pretends that he is a formalist, that he observes some procedures, traditions and rituals.
Читать далееThat part of the security elites that considers themselves to be the old school of the KGB is: Patrushev, Bortnikov and others, these people, one might say, are formalists in the highest degree. They are watching what is happening very closely and were extremely unhappy that Putin raped the Russian constitution. It is this group of people who are waiting for what will happen this year. The absence of a "Message to the Federal Assembly" will be perceived by this group of people in a very different way than many might think. This will be a reason to doubt the legitimacy of the president. So, there is, for now, let's call it that, a very great caution with which representatives of the power bloc treat the actions of Vladimir Putin. I am practically sure that Vladimir Putin's unwillingness to issue a "Message to the Federal Assembly" will cause responses from this particular group of people. What these actions will be expressed in, we will see already next year, but the inner circle of contacts makes Putin come up with the “Message”. The inner circle is, first of all, family members and friends, such as Yuri Kovalchuk, with whom he recently quarreled; a civil partner who, oddly enough, has influence on the president and pushes him to make some decisions. A civil partner, we all know perfectly well, this is Alina Kabaeva, in the past, a gymnast, and now, the mother of the president's children and his civil partner. Also, the president is being pushed by his daughter, Ekaterina, and also friends who support the idea of transferring power to Ekaterina, and there are those, for example, Chemezov and his inner circle of friends. In general, the main part of friends and family insist that the president still deliver the "Message to the Federal Assembly." Putin is obstinate, capricious, he believes that he himself is smarter than everyone else. Let's see who is smarter, who is worse, we will see soon. Patrushev, lately, is extremely dissatisfied with Putin. Putin is not fulfilling the obligations that he assumed on the eve of even mobilization, before the withdrawal of troops from Kherson. The main part of the promises made by Putin to Patrushev referred to the start of actions to launch the transit of power by the beginning of September. We see that from the beginning of September, to this day, there have been no actions of the president that would give at least some hint that the transit has begun. No, on the contrary, Putin is obsessed with a special military operation and does not want to take any drastic actions yet, although Patrushev insists. Lately, Putin has been trying to cheer up Patrushev, there have even been hints that perhaps the New Year's address will be made by Putin with the new prime minister. Who should be the new prime minister, according to Patrushev, you know, this is his son, Dmitry. So, for today, while Putin is fooling Patrushev, he is postponing the “Message to the Federal Assembly”. Discontent is ripening in the elites, and discontent in the elites is, in fact, a split. The same split in the elites that we are all waiting for together and which we are initiating, for our part, of course. Here we are, almost waiting for it. I hope the president of Russia will have the “prudence” not to say the “Message to the Federal Assembly” and get amazing surprises next year. Moreover, I will note that there is no difference - there will be this "Message", there will not be, just the absence of a message will accelerate all the actions and key moments that should happen. Everything will be much more compact in time. That's all for today, we've been on the air for 12 minutes. I want to remind you that we love you, this is sincere and this is the main thing, we work for you. If you want to help us, in the description of this video there is a subscription to Patreon. I'll try to answer the patreon questions today, maybe post tomorrow or the day after. And we have everything according to plan, as we planned and conceived, everything is in the new schedule. All the best, goodbye.

Мультик раскраска. Детские онлайн раскраски из мультфильма Лунтик, Баба Капа, Элина, Дядя Шнюк

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Все малыши без исключения любят смотреть мультфильмы. И ещё они очень любят рисовать. Сегодня мы вместе будем ...

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привет ребята мы рады видеть вас на нашем канале планета малышей обязательно подписывайтесь на наш канал чтобы быть в числе первых зрителей которые узнают о новых видео сегодня мы с вами вместе будем раскрашивать героев мультфильма лунтик посмотрим какие картинки ждут нас генерал шер корней корнеевич баба капа или на дядя шнюк давайте начнем кто это это генерал шер возьмем наши краски и кисточки это оранжевый
Читать далееэто коричневый это желтый это темно-желтый как здорово ребята посмотрите какой красивый генерал шер у нас получился давайте раскрашивать дальше кто это у нас правильно это корней корнеевич возьмем наши краски и кисточки это песочный это телесный это бежевый это серый это светло-голубой адовый какие вы молодцы посмотрите какой корней корнеевич давайте раскрашивать дальше угадаете кто на картинке правильно баба капа возьмем наши краски и кисточки это светло-коричневый это темно-желтый это бежевый это бледно-желтый это бордовый это малиновый как красиво получилось посмотрите какие вы молодцы а это кто умнички это или на возьмем наши краски и кисточки это бирюзовый это телесный это бледно-розовый это светло-голубой какая красивая или на вы согласны давайте раскрашивать дальше а это у нас кто да это дядя шнюк возьмем наши краски и кисточки это серый это коричневый это светло-серый это черный это бордовый как здорово у вас получается вы такие молодцы скорее жмите на следующий мультфильм будем раскрашивать с вами еще больше ярких и интересных картинок

Влюбленный ГЕНЕРАЛ - Про любовь и пирожные - Мультик Раскраска КУМИ КУМИ - Учим цвета

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В развивающей и обучающей, детской раскраске , сделанной по мультсериалу " Куми Куми" учим цвета вместе с детьми.

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