Ручеек раскраска

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Малышарики - Раскраска для детей - Ручейки (Учим цвета с малышами)

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Новый обучающий мультфильм "Малышарики" предназначен для малышей от 0 до 4 лет. Играем, учимся и поём весёлые ...


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я в вк https://vk.com/oalexanova для писем и сотрудничества - моя эл.почта oalexan@mail.ru Спасибо за просмотр!

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hello everyone welcome to my me that you looked at write comments here are pink types I love they wanted daffodils of gel pens with flowers in our store and by the way you can again with your feet here the channel I’m shooting today a hobby in the forehead like this today I got a stationery knife subscribe who liked put any taste all the flowers, so look at me somewhere in the stash, I have not been presented for a long time yet actually graphically so that we have caps that are shiny there are neon there likes of a good spring mood for everyone yes beautiful yes it’s beautiful here because now this neon is already easy I want to show me there were a couple of planets of women and animals, I don’t know that it looks like taking hops, they probably rushed about with scissors,
Читать далееpainted with gel pens, but for now, just buy them just a little bit, well, and daffodils, as I said, well, well, how tired I was of keeping them here tulip here such silver is beautiful when I looked at angelina's women, let's paint them somehow left them, probably not a fact, but soon i.e. just some foxy girls’ faces straight to him, most likely I won’t most likely let me show them to you, well, the first thing that’s not something to be painted, I’ll start for me, it’s just scary, it turns out striped, it’s unusual to listen a little bit in general and metallics, let’s see a couple I bought another came to hall watercolor it’s either a pencil case I somehow didn’t really like the girls somehow with even eating before the physalis drying, well, I wonder how the animals are, well, it’s possible with animals, I’ll either take it or pencil case my face with a box it’s great she showed it and you won’t tell ski malevich freedom great so now take the world and let's see how it goes here soft quite decent pens very on black like it's all so ugly straight angelin hello there is already something for them because it's not convenient for me a lot of illustrations will look like I would like here we paint shades of red this is also immediately visible this effect is a little bit, as I understand it 64 illustrations and so I think sometimes I don’t know you well, only I don’t want to get lighter dark for a change , you can paint a large hatch, this will last for a long time red scarlet dandelions and opera, I already made it the grandeco channel, I didn’t take it so that it’s not convenient, it’s too big, will the camera show this shimmer, of course, if you constantly paint it, then that’s also great like this I don’t know, we’re showing the coloring, no, let’s show some shades of a snowdrop, probably there was a review here, a set, I don’t know, I haven’t seen the muscles, it might end quickly, in general, for a long time, it still brightens, and so it turns out, I’m destined to be happy here, sort of like the effect of these new ones and I’ll show once again here I have an ugly lemon snowdrop, most likely we look at first light if something under the color well , in principle, in general, I like the mother and the birds are here in general, then a little bit still the shimmer is present further , since now there is no loss, then we will have alla 's opera and hummingbirds down in flowers and all sorts of bugs, but we won’t be strong, I think for a long time it’s enough to open this album, add a dark one like this oh everything will be on in them , this shade is not interesting, well, and this is such a wonderful one, I like how it turns out quite well, in general, yes, if it’s really very let’s, yes, brighter red, there are two different ones, well, I decided the fern flowers, look how lovely it is red like this here are the autumn ones, but for brightly you can leave it like this light green black tweets I understand gray let's take something else like it , then it will be possible to take another gold it turns out it will be animals in general, I think 1 is quite enough, you can take a more green color, but listen, well, it’s beautiful , very beautiful, the rings on the spring looked, I didn’t dare to have green in our store, something else is beautiful some leaf, and yet spring this paint with you, let’s rafik omon so a little bit here, it looks like cotton, the engine itself, the cover itself is hard up to 64, it is much more expensive than on the sites, let it be even more light green more gray-blue h maybe that’s why I didn’t take a few on, as they say, quickly for good divorces, I apologize there, we’ll try to make a small coloring, so the young leaves, let’s say, weed, and so the margarita cartoons are so emotional, if you like it, you can always order, of course , it’s not five minutes not to say that a little bit completely I won’t decide for myself to make such a gift for the day of the illustration it looks very beautifully quickly while it dries, in general, these are cheaper on the site on the perez shaft on the ship , then such a charm turns out quickly quickly the camera does not want to be born, it is also painted on you just had an idea up to 100 it will be sure to tell me probably it will be painted at home 23 days not so I’m happy we’ll try to make a dyeing we ’ll start here are beautiful shades but I think it’s enough to indulge pens because I think so that we will take a black coloring with an acquisition to paint paint a everything is probably already in a few months, well, actually, how are we going to paint watercolors, well, where is the mind, I took everything something like that, why else did I take flowers and because in not just a little bit out of hand under them we will find some kind of pencil case so that they are still from here I need to pull it out, I don’t want to buy them, I wanted to buy these pens, I need to take a long time , ladybug bugs, look at what ordinary colorings I somehow didn’t, I couldn’t resist for a long time, it was possible to show this one didn’t fall out of all, it’s interesting, too, black is very good for me ignorance , the beauty of the whole, I thought our barrels to make it all more compact lily of the valley, probably I’ve been looking for a month now, they’ve been walking more instead of flowers, I decided that, well, it’s either black, probably, although sometimes you know you need gel cool, you can add more ordinary ones, probably most likely, let’s also go further 2 already I go and look or even three on this one, maybe it won’t work out like that, let it be somehow more comfortable in principle, and so the pens are finalizing something to finish drawing one let ’s try a dotka beautiful black male flower black shiny write beautifully here is a set of colored gel pens here 30 you can see even with they will lie all together and where with quite such fat ones, just lemon so they can be painted over, let's have 12 shiny pieces , as I understand it, 10 we use, but neon something I didn’t combine, they turn out to be the same as glitter, where we look through a very little bit here like this it’s not him, so that’s how my shoes are, well , except for the lemon one, for now, pulling them out of here, don’t really listen, well, it’s beautifully beautiful and the camera refuses, in general, the same blue ones as in the sea, they are double-sided to double-sided like neon ones and today’s purchase is something then to show everyone like this purposefully refused this illustration on a black background, so there is no point in painting the update is not difficult, but I wouldn’t say that I’m pretty, and today I had 8 ordinary ones with effects with an effect somehow not really, I would say that they are coloring, well, I knew how to look , I decided completely, I just painted lemon, here are the handles, look how lovely and metallic it’s convenient we’re also with you partial 2 it’s interesting and in general these are some interesting pens a small video for you is small the rest are all blue and green that is not all the same I’ll probably take it like and even neon let’s be as there is a fairly large set of paints so I the girls didn’t beautifully paint clover sunflower purchases thank you for being with me that brown I look here there is on the side to fit into the frame and see who is already painting write the farther you are under the light, also quite interesting, probably couldn’t resist decided to take a try , let’s also paint here, did you try it here it will not be very convenient all this body some straight away you already understand, then we will try to color the look they are so beautifully painted, listen, it’s possible that it’s some felt-tip pens or markers, we’ll open a lot, I saw girls like this kind of alcohol here, it’s going to flow in one fell swoop, don’t guess what kind of flower the magician will be like in the coloring pages, but I think they write the setup leads the ball will be painted right now why no, I’m unlikely to be able to store them here, but now I’m looking at coloring black magic daffodils, what a charm, too, a bamboo felt -tip pen, probably just on black it will be in a box dogs are called pray bee all the girls are actively coloring and I’m enough to color in them write what you decided here that well, I’ll take it too, painted it looks beautiful honestly, let’s have a gel well, then it will be our river, why not, something new and interesting, I’m coloring, but here I am I think it just fits , it’s just there, polka dots running, in general, what I created the case for, cool, I really took it as I understand it, use gel pens, and this coloring itself thanks for being with like them, you can leave it there to change the rod is known to be such a fairly convenient transparent plus they are all with these gizmos

Ручеек - Наталия Лансере - добрая детская песенка

Описание видео:
Добрая детская песенка про маленький ручеек, у которого большие цели: он стремиться попасть в реку, а за ней в море, ...

Цветняшки — Ручеёк — Серия 29 — Развивающий мультик для малышей

Описание видео:
В этой серии волшебный альбом открывается на зелёной страничке, ведь мы в гостях у Котёнка Мур. Здесь весна, капель, ...

Текст видео

Удивлять. И мечтать! Я могу. Можешь ты! Целый мир Открывать. Я могу. Можешь ты! Цветняшки кап! Цветняшки плюх! Цветняшки ап! Цветняшки ух! Сочинять. Украшать. Я могу. Можешь ты! Целый мир
Читать далееРисовать. Я могу. Можешь ты! Цветняшки кап! Цветняшки плюх! Цветняшки ап! Цветняшки ух! ЦВЕТНЯЯЯЯЯШКИ УХ! Ручеёк У Кота в альбоме весна-весна, Всё зелёным цветом луга, поля. Котики весною мур-мур поют, Теплые деньки к нам с тобой зовут. Вот весна, вот весна, В гости к нам с тобой пришла. Вот стучит нам капель, Вот повсюду птичья трель. Капелька к Котенку бежит, бежит. Новостью делиться она спешит — Наш ручей проснулся, глаза открыл, Песенку, за зиму, свою забыл. Ручеёк, ручеёк, Больше песен не поёт. Ручейку помоги, Котик, песню сочини. Здравствуй, Котёнок Мур, нужно выручать ручеёк, придумать для него новую песенку. Весне мур-мур, мур-мур пою, Весну люблю я, люблю, люблю. Весной со мной весь мир поёт, А солнышко гулять зовёт. Мур, мур, мур — котики поют. Мур, мур, мур — котики поют. Мур, мур, мур, будет у кота, Песня, песня, песня для ручья. Котёнок Мур, как же помочь ручейку? Я по камешкам бегу, Всех на свете обниму. Камень малый и большой, Я возьму тебя с собой. В ручки палочки бери, И по нотам постучи. До ре ми фа соль ля си. С ручейком беги, беги. Как красиво звучит металлофон. И похоже, ручейку нравится. По тропинкам я бегу, Всё водичкой напою. Травку, листики, кусты, Пробегись со мной и ты. В ручки палочки бери, И по нотам постучи. До ре ми фа соль ля си. С ручейком беги, беги. Хм, неужели металлофон не помог. Ах, слышите, где-то зажурчал ручеёк. Я весёлый ручеёк, Песню пой со мной, дружок. Я бегу, бегу, бегу, Всем водички принесу. В ручки палочки бери, И по нотам постучи. До ре ми фа соль ля си. С ручейком беги, беги. Котики читали, котики мечтали, Котики вели всем открытиям счёт. Многое узнали, очень устали, Сонное царство котиков зовёт. Мур, мур, мур. Звёзды на небе, Мур, мур, мур. Жёлтая луна. Мур, мур, мур. Котики уснули. Мур, мур, мур. Ночка к нам пришла.

Лунтик и его друзья - 24 серия. Ручеёк

Описание видео:
Почему ручеек шумит? Это бежит и бурлит вода. Но почему шум воды изменился? Это ручеек повернул свой бег в сторону ...

Текст видео

однажды на луне родился необычный малыш я родился и случилось так что он попал на землю где нашёл много новых друзей kreed а вот что произошло дальше мы с вами сейчас и узнаем ручей кто-то шумит где а петр училок ручеек он все время 10 черствой ручеек какой-то прозрачный пойдем лунтик от умела опять объявится а у меня больше произнесите а теперь у меня больше а у меня сейчас будет еще больше
Читать далеекруто видал мы повернули ручей чтобы под кучу ты слышишь кажется ручеек бежит за нами не у него своя дорога тучи и покрывало дерек дорогая бабуля я живу хорошо лично не опаздывают здравствуйте дети шнек привет подождите меня кто-нибудь знает что происходит мы идем от а тут нас как снесло откуда это взялось вы представляете куда то пропал наш учи зато у нас тут воды хоть отбавляй ручеек решил за нами побежать сам-то он этого сделать не мог так надо узнать что с ним произошло смотри под все мы сделали новую дорогу вот все обзавидуются когда узнаю вот это скала ручейком мешает камень не знаю что и делать что guerrilla что делать искать новый дом вот что я тебе буду лепить пирожки разве мы не можем убрать камин ну как он же такой большой нас тоже много давайте попробуем бывают вещи с которыми одному не справиться но если за это взяться всем вместе можно и горы свернуть вине ручеек своей дороге хороша наша дорога до пупсика

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